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Cook County Assessor - CookCountyAssessor.com This site provides information about the Cook County Assessor's Office, which is responsible for assessing all properties in Cook County. You can use this site to look up the assessment and characteristics of your property as well as the other 1.8 million parcels of property in the county. This information can be used for appealing your properties assessed value online. It also contains information regarding property tax exemptions qualifications.


In the past, Seniors who qualify for the Senior Freeze Exemption receive their renewal notices in January. This year due to COVID, Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi is automatically renewing the 2021 Senior Freeze Exemption for most qualifying seniors who had the Senior Freeze Exemption last year. The same rules will be applied to the 2021 Disabled Homeowner Exemption.

There will be some circumstances when exemptions will not automatically renew; when a property has been sold, if the property owner owns multiple properties, or if the property is held in trust. It is my understanding that the Cook County Assessor will be sending out a letter or post card to previously qualifying seniors regarding Senior Freeze Exemptions around the beginning of March.

Homeowner and regular Senior Exemptions once applied for, automatically renew. Homeowners who purchased their homes in 2020 and homeowners who turned 65 in 2021 should be able to file for their Homeowner and Senior Exemptions around the beginning of March 2022.

Most Property Tax Exemptions will Automatically Renew

In response to COVID-19, The Cook County Assessor’s Office will continue the automatic renewal of the Senior Freeze, Veterans with Disabilities, and Persons with Disabilities Exemptions; the Homeowner and Senior Exemptions will continue to auto-renew every year.

If a homeowner received any of these five exemptions last year (tax year 2020), they do not need to reapply this year (tax year 2021).

To verify which exemptions were received last year, homeowners can visit the Cook County Property Tax Portal at cookcountypropertyinfo.com, enter their PIN and look under the exemption tab.

Additionally, homeowners will receive a postcard or letter in March 2022 confirming which exemptions will be automatically renewed.

For those first time applicants, the 2021 tax year exemption filing period will begin in early March 2022. Homeowner are encouraged to file online. To learn more about property tax exemptions and eligibility, visit cookcountyassessor.com/exemptions.

Property must be owner occupied on January 1, of the year one claims the exemption.

You will need to have a State of Illinois issued ID or Driver's License issued in the previous year with your current home address.

If you do not have a State of Illinois ID or Driver's License with proper address and year, you may use a land line phone bill dated in the proper year or have an affidavit form stating knowledge of when you purchased and moved in.


All Homeowner Exemption requirements and

Age requirement is 65 in the tax year. In other words, apply in the year you turn 66 years.

Due to a change in the law in 2020, once you have applied successfully for this exemption, it will renew automatically on a yearly basis.


All Senior Citizen Exemption requirements and be filed every year.

Property must have been owner occupied and used as the principal residence January 1st - December 31st.

The total household income must be less than $65,000. This includes all Social Security income received including Medicare benefits.

Household Income is calculated from the Income Tax Returns or, if you do not file income tax returns, with proof of income (pensions, Social Security, interest, dividends, unemployment, etc)

Total household income includes all the income for everyone that lives in the home.


All Homeowner Exemption requirements and

Homeowner must be disabled or become disabled during the tax year.

Receive Social Security Disability. You must provide the award letter indicating the date the disability was granted for.

Have a completed PTAX-343-A form signed by your doctor to be approved by Cook County. This form is available in our office or online at CookCountyAssessor.com.


A property tax exemption for disabled veterans allows more disabled veteran's greater tax savings than was the case in prior years. Under the new law, the most severely wounded veterans will not pay any property taxes at all.

All veterans who receive the Disabled Veterans Exemption are entitled to property tax savings. A new law in 2016 allows veterans of the US Armed Forces who were severely wounded while serving their country and who are at least 70% disabled complete exemption from property taxes.

Eligibility rules and tax savings: To qualify for the Disabled Veterans Exemption, a property must be owned and occupied by a disabled veteran, and the veteran must have a disability that is connected to military service. The law requires that the service-connected disability be certified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, which determines the extent of a veteran's disability.

The level of reduced property tax is dependent on the percentage of medically certified disability.

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