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Q&A on Tax Year 2020 Auto-Renewal of Exemptions

2021 Cook County Board of Review Appeal
Deadline is Tuesday January 4, 2022

Cook County Assessor's Office Announces Changes to Assessments and Appeals Due to COVID-19

Pappas: Auction of delinquent Cook County property taxes postponed indefinitely

Cook County's Assessor's Office Suspends Appeal Deadlines due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Two-month Waiver of Property Tax Late Fees in 2021

The Cook County Board of Commissioners has voted to waive late fees for two months on both property tax installments due in 2021.

Here is a link to Maria Papas' press release:
Cook County Treasurer's Office - Chicago, Illinois

Property Tax Bills
The first installment tax bills have been posted to the Cook County Treasurer’s Website: cookcountytreasurer.com. The first installment is always 55% of the total previous year’s tax bill. It is due Tuesday, March 2, 2021. Due to COVID-19 they have waved late payment penalties for two months. All assessment changes due to the triennial reassessment and all exemptions will be taken into account on your second installment tax bill. Tax bills may be paid on-line at cookcountytreasurer.com OR at Chase Bank OR by sending a check to the Cook County Treasurer.

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many of the exemptions will automatically renew for tax year 2020. In the next few weeks, tens of thousands of households will receive a letter that confirms the auto-renewal of the exemptions placed on their home. For households who need to apply or reapply, applications will be made available by early February.

How can a property owner see which exemptions were applied to their home last year?
Check the Cook County Portal website, then review the Exemption History and Status section.

Exemptions that automatically renew for tax year 2020.

  • Homeowner Exemption
  • Senior Exemption
  • Senior Freeze Exemption
  • Persons with Disabilities Exemption
  • Veterans with Disabilities Exemption
  • Home Improvement Exemption
More information and applications for a new exemptions can be found here:
Property Tax Exemptions | Cook County Assessor's Office

We are serving residents by phone and email at this time, we currently do not have walk in hours. Call 708-366-2787 or email us at: [email protected]. Please include your name, address, phone number and concern.

Board of Review Outreach
Registering Your Property Assessment Appeal

Commissioner Tammy Wendt'
s outreach event
June 17th at 6pm


Meeting ID: 943 4796 8222

Please join us at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the event to ensure you are able to log in before the room is opened to the public.

Join Zoom Meeting


Dial by your location +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 943 4796 8222

Board of Review 2021 Pre-file Information

The Cook County Board of Review sent email notices announcing they are accepting pre-file appeals prior to actual opening dates for all Cook County Townships. Most residents who file appeals with the Cook County Board of Review use lack of uniformity as the reason for their appeal. The most current 2021 assessed value data residents use to support appeals based on lack of uniformity is not yet available.

Prefiling is an unnecessary step without current data to support an appeal. I would recommend waiting until the 2021 data is available from the Cook County Assessor's office and then filing 2021 Assessed Value appeals with the Board of Review.

We will contact our residents who have requested appeal information from our office after we have received the data and are able to run comparable property information.

The River Forest Township Assessor's office is available to address questions and concerns.

Latest news regarding 2nd installment tax bills from the Cook County Treasurer's office:

Second Installment bills are now available at cookcountytreasurer.com. They can be found under "Your Property Tax Overview." The Tax year 2020 Second Installment due date is October 1, 2021.

We are here to help with any missing exemptions or concerns. Please call our office at (708) 366-2787 or email us at [email protected].


Contact Person: Pamela Kende,
River Forest Township, 708-366-2787

For the last nine years, Cook County's second installment property tax bills have been sent on time, with tax bills hitting mailboxes in late June and due around August 1. In 2021, however, the nine-year streak of on-time tax bills in Cook County is coming to an end. It is more likely that second installment tax bills this year will be due on September 1.

There are a number of steps that must take place before second installment tax bills can be calculated and mailed, the most important of which is that all Cook County tax appeals must be resolved. Once the appeals are resolved, it typically takes state and county agencies about two months to do all the calculations and printing necessary to mail out bills.

Last year, the final tax appeals were resolved on May 5, and tax bills were mailed around July 1. This year, however, pandemic-related issues slowed the processing of appeals, with the result that the current year's appeals were not resolved until June 14.

If the agencies that calculate and print tax bills can work faster than they did last year, tax bills will be mailed at the end of July and will be due September 1. But there is no guarantee that they will be able to finish their work so quickly. If the agencies take longer to complete their work, the due date for second installment tax bills will be after September 1.

Release date: June 27, 2021

River Forest is open for Assessment appeals with the Cook County Assessor

River Forest Township is open for assessment appeals with the Cook County Assessor till May 21st, 2021. Assessment appeals are filed on-line at the Cook County Assessor's website: cookcountyassessor.com.

We can assist you in finding comparable properties and with directions on how to file on-line. Please call 708-366-2787 or email us at: [email protected]. We will need your name, address and phone number. If you call, leave your phone number twice, please speak slowly and clearly. We will create an appeal packet for you.

Cook County Board of Review: Now Open for Appeals

River Forest Township will be open for appeals with The Cook County Board of Review until Sunday, November 1, 2020. If you have already filed an appeal with The Board of Review earlier this year, you do not need to refile.

For more information, please read the following notice from Commissioner Dan Patlak. https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/ILCOOK/bulletins/2a5a666

Cook County Board of Review: September 11th "Evidence Submission" deadline extension

"Due to the necessity for the Cook County Assessor's Office (hereinafter "CCAO") to undertake certain corrective actions for the following townships: River Forest; Riverside; and Oak Park, the Group 1 "Evidence Submission" deadline of September 11th is hereby stricken from the Cook County Board of Review's (Hereinafter "CCBOR") calendar. After the CCAO's re-notification, re-certification, re-publication and transmission of the subject townships to the CCBOR, it will then provide notice of amended dates for a revised a filing period and evidence submissions."

If you have any further questions, please contact Chief Clerk Allen Manuel at: 312-603-5586 or [email protected]

Ways To Correct a Missing Exemption

Missing an exemption on your Second Installment Tax Bill? We will help you get a corrected tax bill. Please contact our office at (708) 366-2787 or at [email protected] and we can help you apply for a Certificate of Error. You can also apply for a Certificate of Error on The Cook County Assessor's Website: cookcountyassessor.com/certificates-error

2nd Installment Property Tax Bills due Aug 3rd. Payable without Interest Till October 1st.

Second Installment Cook County property tax bills have been posted to cookcountytreasurer.com, where property owners can see how much they owe two weeks before the bills are received in the mail in early July.

The Second Installment is due August 3, but property owners can pay without any interest charge through October 1, 2020, thanks to an new ordinance.

To download a copy of your tax bill or to make a payment, visit cookcountytreasurer.com:

  • Select the blue box labeled "Pay Online for Free"
  • Search by property address or enter your Property Index Number (PIN)
  • There is no fee if you pay from your bank account
Second Installment bills include any property tax reassessments and exemptions calculated by the county assessor and tax rates calculated by the county clerk.

The printed bills, with a due date of August 3, are to be mailed by the beginning of July. Payments after October 1 will be charged 1.5 percent per month, as required by law.


Recognizing the financial toll of the coronavirus and the pressing need to extend economic relief to area homeowners, Cook County has announced plans to waive late fees on the 2nd installment property tax payments.

In Cook County, the second installment of property taxes for the 2019 tax year would have ordinarily been due on August 3, 2020 with late fees accruing for any payment after that day without a financial hardship form to defer payment.

However, per the announcement , no interest penalties for late payment of this bill will accrue until after Oct 01, 2020. Payments made on or before Oct 1, 2020, will be considered received and paid timely thus giving homeowners some breathing room in these extraordinary times.

Cook County Assessor has not certified River Forest Township. No appeal results have been published. The Cook County Assessor has published the Covid-19 adjustment to assessments in each of the 5 neighborhoods in River Forest.


Property Group

ATTR (COVID Adjustment)

ATTR (COVID Increase in Unemployment)


Single-Family &
Residential Condominiums




Single-Family &
Residential Condominiums




Single-Family &
Residential Condominiums




Single-Family &
Residential Condominiums




Single-Family &
Residential Condominiums



2nd Installment Tax Bills and Board of Review

2nd installment tax bills were mailed out on time. You should have received your tax bill. You can look up your tax bill, your exemptions, and pay on-line (with no additional fees) at: www.cookcountytreasurer.com>. If you need assistance or are missing an exemption you are entitled to our office can assist you.

River Forest will be open for appeals with the Cook County Board of Review from July 30st - August 28th. One can appeal on-line at: www.cookcountyboardofreview.com. Our office can assist you with the appeal process.

Our office will be extremely busy during the month of August. Though our office is currently closed to the public, we are here to help you. Please call 708-366-2787 and leave your name, address, phone number twice and your concern.

Board of Review Community Outreach, July 25th at 6pm

River Forest will be open for appeals with the Cook County Board of Review from July 1st- July 30th. We will be hosting a Community Outreach with the Board of Review on Thursday, July 25 at 6pm at the River Forest Community Center located at 8020 Madison St. Room 206. Please bring a tax bill with you and you will be able to submit your appeal to the Board of Review at the meeting. This appeal period is starting over a month earlier than previous years. One can appeal on-line at: www.cookcountyboardofreview.com. Our office can assist you with the appeal process.

Our office will be extremely busy during the month of July. Appointments are necessary unless you come in during our walk-in office hours: Thursday’s 10am-12:00pm. We are available for appointments thru-out the week. Please call 708-366-2787 and leave your name, address, phone number twice and your concern.

Release date: March 19, 2020
Cook County's Assessor's Office Suspends Appeal Deadlines due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Release date: January 4, 2019

Release date: January 4, 2019

Release date: January 9, 2019
Cook County Assessor's Office Mails Annual Senior and Senior Freeze Exemption Renewal Applications

Release date: April 9, 2019
River Forest Assessor's - Annual Report Fiscal Year 2019

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