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Property Tax Bills

Cook County Treasurer - CookCountyTreasurer.com

The Treasurer's web site allows you to check the status of your property tax bill payments as well as directing you where and how to pay your tax bill.

1st installment tax bills will be in your mailbox February 1, with a due date of March 3rd.

1st installment tax bills are 55% of the previous year total. Exemptions are reflected on the 2nd installment tax bill.

Tax bills can be paid at any of the Chase Bank locations, the Cook County Treasurer's Office at 118 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL, or online:CookCountyTreasurer.com.

If you did not receive your tax bill you must contact the Treasurer's office at 312-443-5100 or visit their website at CookCountyTreasurer.com.

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