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Cook County Board of Review Appeal Workshop Monday, October 2nd @ 6PM

River Forest Community Center
8020 Madison Street,
River Forest, IL 60305

Room 206
6:00 P.M.

Learn about the Assessment Appeal Process and how to appeal your properties assessment. The Cook County Board of Review will give a brief presentation and analysts will be available to answer questions.

Click here to learn more

The Cook County Board of Review is Now Open for Assessment Appeals.

The Board of Review will be open until Tuesday, October 17th 2023.

Follow this link to request an appeal packet Cook County Board of Review Packet Request

As a reminder, results of this appeal do not effect the second installment tax bill due this year, any change in assessment will affect the 2nd installment tax bill in 2024.

Cook County Treasurer's Refunds Outreach Video

This video will walk you through how to check with the Cook County Treasurer and see if you have any overpayment refunds available. It will also show you how to see if you have all your exemptions in place.

Watch it now : Refunds Outreach Video

Changes in Assessed Value in River Forest Township

Because of increases in the value and/or number of properties throughout River Forest, the total assessed value of the township grew 32%. The following table shows the increase in total assessed value in residential and non-residential properties in River Forest Township.

Property Group 

Percent Change in total Assessed Value 2023

(Board of Review Final) 

(pre-CCAO appeals, pre-Board of Review) 

Change in total Assessed Value 

(Class 2) 





Large Multifamily (Class 3)





Standalone Commercial 
(Class 5A)





(Class 4)





All Others 
(Vacant, Incentive, and Exempt) 










If the percentage increase of a River Forest property's individual assessment went up less than the total assessed value of 32%, the property could see little change in its property tax bill or even a decline. The full impact of this reassessment on tax bills will be known in late 2024 after all appeals are processed and exemptions are applied.

The compete Valuations Report, including information about your neighborhood sales, can be found here: River Forest 2023

Our part-time office is open. We are here to assist you. You may call our office at 708-366-2787. Please leave your name, address, phone number twice, and concern or email us at: [email protected]. Walk in appointments are not available at this time.

All River Forest Township property owners were mailed a reassessment notice on April 27th 2023 by the Cook County Assessor's Office. 2023 is the first year of a new triennial appeal cycle. Appealing can give residents a lower assessed value if records indicate the property is not assessed equitably. River Forest Township is open for appeals with the Cook County Assessor until May 30th at 11:59pm.

Exemption Applications

Automatic renewal due to Covid-19 has ended for the Senior Freeze and Veterans Exemptions. Be on the lookout for postcards regarding your exemption status from the Cook County Assessor. The automatic renewal for the Senior Freeze and Veterans Exemptions has ended.

The Cook County Assessor has rolled out of all property exemption application forms. They are available on line Sign Up to Stay in Touch (constantcontact.com)

If the oldest member of your home is turning 66 years of age in 2023, they may be eligible for the Senior Exemption. Please apply on-line at www.cookcountyassessor.com.

More information regarding exemptions is available on the Cook County Assessor's Website: Property Tax Exemptions | Cook County Assessor's Office

Second Installment Tax Bills will be Sent Late Again this Year

Second installment property tax bills for Tax Year 2022 are expected to be available to property owners by early November 2023, with a possible due date in December 2023.

2023 Triennial Reassessment Year

2023 is a triennial reassessment year for River Forest Township. All properties were given a new assessment value by the Cook County Assessor. It was mailed via United States Postal Service from the Cook County Assessor Office on May 24th, 2023.

Click here to easily view, download, print, or pay your property tax bill.

We will do our best to keep our taxpayers abreast of any changes as the property tax year unfolds. Watch for announcements from the Assessor on River Forest Township's Assessor's website. Taxpayers with concerns or questions about their property taxes are encouraged to contact the River Forest Township Assessor's office any time. Get the latest information and important updates sent directly to your inbox via Constant Contact. Sign up today!

2023 Property Tax Cycle Begins

The new year introduces the start of a new property tax cycle. All of River Forest Township will be reassessed and all properties will be given new values. The new assessment notification will be mail to the address on file with Cook County Assessor. We will have an appeal session with the Cook County Assessor and the Board of Review. Exemption applications will be processed, tax levies will be determined by taxing bodies and 2022 property tax bills should be calculated, sent and due all before the end of 2023.

The Cook County Treasurer has made it available to pay one's 2021's first installment tax bill early. If you choose to make your payment early, follow this link and https://www.cookcountytreasurer.com/setsearchparameters.aspx

The Township Assessor serves as the local liaison with the Cook County Assessor office. The River Forest Township Assessor's Office acts as a tax payer advocate for local residents in the Cook County property tax system. With almost 1.8 million parcels in Cook County, assessments are determined triennially through a mass appraisal system by the Cook County Assessor. Our goal is to educate our taxpayers and to provide assistance and as they navigate the Cook County residential property system. The Township Assessor's Office provides a multitude of services related to residential properties including:

  • Assessed valuation complaints or appeals with the Cook County Assessor and Cook County Board of Review
  • Exemption applications
  • Property characteristic descriptions
  • Seminars on property assessments during appeal periods
  • Name and address changes on property tax bills

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